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July 4, 2002 – Travel Day Independence!

***Originally published as “J.Lynn’s Tour Diary” on Mad at Gravity’s Official Site.***

-Hope you’re all enjoying your independence! There’s nothing like
waking up in the land of the free… And then celebrating that freedom
with over $600.00 worth of fireworks that would be far from legal in our
home state of California. Our fellow Californians in AudioVent were
equally enamored by the explosives, and we made sure to stay in motels
that were close to each other so that we could watch things go boom together.

-During the 600 mile drive from Biloxi, Mississippi to Hardeeville,
South Carolina, the generator in our RV started acting up. We’ve had to
shut it down until we can figure out what’s going on (fuses, air
filters, ). The major inconvenience is the lack of air conditioning in
this 90-plus degree muggy heat. The RV acts as one huge aluminum-sided
greenhouse when we drive, so we’re all sweating through our shorts. The
minor inconveniences include lack of entertainment (and only minutes
after we bought 4 new PS2 games), and overcrowding of the car charger
for our cell phones.

-Anyway, we blew stuff up for over an hour. After a while, the
explosions all start to look the same. Besides, Ben burned his hand
pretty badly while lighting some mortars. That kinda steals the fun
from the pyromania. So with ringing ears, the boys
from AudioVent and I went across the river into Savannah, Georgia to
experience a little bit of local flavor.

-City Market Square was packed full of friendly Georgians, and we tried
not to stick out like sloppy Californians. The local blues club was
cool. Apparently all the legends have played there at one point. B.B.
King, Buddy Guy, etc. They all had signed guitars on the walls. The
local band wasn’t half bad, either. We hung out for a bit, just
chatting with people and doing what we could to take in the culture.
The south has been great to us so far…

Love and explosions,

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