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July 8, 2002 – Travel Day

***Originally published as “J.Lynn’s Tour Diary” on Mad at Gravity’s Official Site.***

-We’re in Washington, D.C. right now. We rolled in at about 8pm, and
got all settled in the hotel (took showers, etc). Then we took a cab to
the mall in Washington D.C. We did the whole tour on foot in the dark.
It was awesome. The night air is so much better than it is during the
day. It’s less harsh, and a bit thicker. 6+ walking miles later, we
jumped into another cab and got back here to the hotel. So here I am.
I just absorbed a TON of symbolism for one evening, so I’m still reeling…

-There are times I regret growing up on the west coast. It’s all so new
and so temporal. It seems there’s so much more history elsewhere. Of
course, it’s possible that people from Washington, D.C. think California
has a ton of culture. Almost everything legislative happens on the east
coast. Almost everything in the entertainment industry happens in
California. I guess it’s all a matter of where your interests lie…

-No thanks to the Red Top Taxi company in Washington, D.C. They refused
to come pick us up because we didn’t have a local number they could call
us back at. Just cell phones at a cross street. As if the nation’s
capital doesn’t have any tourists who need cabs… Whatever. The cab
driver we did find to take us back spent the whole time talking about a
woman who works at his favorite local restaurant. Apparently she has a
nice, round ass… We made sure to tip him enough so that he could get
lunch there the next day.

Love and ample appetites,

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