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July 11, 2002 – Poughkeepsie, N.Y. and the Duality of Man

***Originally published as “J.Lynn’s Tour Diary” on Mad at Gravity’s Official Site.***

-I was reminded today of the duality of man. In so many words, that’s
really what our song “Say It” is about. For every positive action, it
seems somebody has to go and screw things up somehow… Poughkeepsie
proved it. Hopefully with the right encouragement, we can minimize the
error in the future.

-We finished our load-in at the Chance Theater, and walked a couple
blocks down the street to a hole-in-the-wall pizza joint to get some
dinner. There were some guys in line in front of us whom we’d been
talking to outside the venue. Cool kids. Rock fans. Anyway, one of
them paid with a ten dollar bill, and the old guy who owned the place
gave him change for a twenty. The kid counted his change, realized he
had ten dollars too much, and called the guy back to the counter so that
he could give it back to him. His friends all asked him what he was
doing. Like he was crazy for giving away free money. He stuck up for
himself. “It’s not like stealing from McDonald’s, or anything. These
are real people.” I just smiled. Good job, kid.

-A few feet away, there was a box sitting on the countertop that said,
“Win a Jeep Grand Cherokee or $25,000 Cash!” I walked over, thinking it
would be mildly funny to enter a drawing on the other side of the
continent from where I actually live. But sitting on top of the contest
box was a different pad of paper. It was all laid out to look like a
contest entry form, complete with fine print on both sides. But the
fine print outlined a new long-distance phone service contract instead
of the terms and conditions of winning. I looked inside the box, and
there were countless entries submitted by people who thought they had
the chance of winning something. Instead, they were being scammed into
paying 21 cents per minute for long distance service.

-So I spent the rest of my time before I got my chicken parmagian
tearing the fake entry forms off the box one by one, and dropping them
into the box. Blank. I just wanted to make it so that nobody else
could fill one out thinking something positive could come of it. Once I
got through the entire pad, I pulled out a pen and wrote a few choice
words right on the box. I made sure to make it offensive enough that it
would have to be thrown away.

-I think these observations fueled our performance somehow, because it
went SO well! We played with Chevelle and LostProphets. The crowd was
amazingly responsive, and a ton of people who were at yesterday’s show
turned out again just to see us! Thanks guys! You rock! It was great
to see the guys in Chevelle again, too. Before my own music career took
off, I worked at the indie label that released Chevelle’s first record.
So it was great to meet up with them again, this time as peers! They
rocked, and so did LostProphets. It was a great way to spend a day off
from the Locobazooka tour.

Love and justice,

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