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July 12, 2002 – Portland, Maine

***Originally published as “J.Lynn’s Tour Diary” on Mad at Gravity’s Official Site.***

-Reign of Fire opened today! I’ve been fielding phone calls right and
left from friends of mine who have been seeing our music on the MTV
advertisement. Unfortunately, due to our hectic touring schedule we
haven’t been able to see it! But once again my trusty friends have
called me to tell me that the movie is awesome, and they’re extremely
excited for us.

-Apparently the video for “Walk Away” made its MTV debut tonight on the
Rock Show. Does this mean we can splurge and get another hotel room so
that nobody in the band has to sleep on the floor? Once again, we were
unable to be in front of a television at the appropriate time because we
were driving from Portland to Manchester, New Hampshire, where
tomorrow’s show will be. Oh, well. I suppose that’s the way things go
when you’re on tour. You get back home on a break, and your whole life
has changed while you were away.

-The show today was really nice. It was indoors for once, so we got to
take advantage of a full lighting rig and other indoor luxuries that
fool the public into thinking we are rock stars… The kids were really
into our set, and there were a whole bunch of them there! I never did
get an official head count, but my guess is that there were at least
3,500 packed onto the modified ice-rink floor of the Civic Center. It’s
always great to see an ocean of heads bobbing in time to your music…

-Hopefully at some point this weekend we’ll be able to take a couple
hours out of our day so that we can see Reign of Fire. We definitely
want to support the film in its opening weekend. The better the film
does at the box office, the more benefits we’ll experience as a result!

Love and faux-buttered popcorn,

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