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July 13, 2002 – Manchester, New Hampshire

***Originally published as “J.Lynn’s Tour Diary” on Mad at Gravity’s Official Site.***

-Manchester… Due to circumstances beyond my control, I ended up with
about three hours sleep last night. It’s tough maintaining
relationships with friends on the other side of the continent. After
driving into Manchester, I had a ton of phone calls to return and a ton
of emails to respond to. This touring stuff makes for some LONG days.

-Today was beautiful even if it was long. The crowd was thicker than
normal, due to a second stage which was hosting a variety of local acts.
My voice was a bit thin today, but we made it through the set pretty
well. We had to make the drive immediately after our set, so it was a
bit of a frantic load out. Once we were on the road, I pretty much
crashed out on the back bed for the seven hour drive to Oswego, New York.

-It’s tough to find your own space when you’re on tour. That’s
something we as a band have yet to work out for ourselves. When we’re
driving, we’re all crammed into a space of a few square feet. Once we
get to the motel for the night, we’re sharing rooms with two other
people normally. So you have to get creative. Take walks if you need
to breathe. Take cell phone calls in the bathroom. Or you could do
what I do, and just adopt a different sleep schedule from everyone else.
I have a problem falling asleep if there’s anything going on in the
room (or the RV). So I end up awake well into the morning hours, just
trying to clear my head enough to fall asleep. These journals help.
It’s a discipline that allows me to relax and reflect, and ultimately retire.

Love and zzzzzz,

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