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July 17, 2002 – Huntington, West Virginia

***Originally published as “J.Lynn’s Tour Diary” on Mad at Gravity’s Official Site.***

-West Virginia… Mountain Mama… Take me home… Sorry. Just having
a little John Denver moment. We played at Harris Riverfront Park today,
and it was HOT and MUGGY. The crowd was a bit thin until the afternoon
wore on a bit. But we sold out of the CDs that we brought with us to
the merchandise booth, so we must’ve done something right!

-My voice was really pissed off at me today. It’s odd the way my body
responds. While I’m sick, my voice is fine. Then as I get better, I
lose my voice. So let me reiterate… While my body feels like crud, I
can still sing. Then when my body finally feels better, my voice craps
out on me. It’s weird. It always happens that way, too. So we end up
revising the set a little bit, and I end up having to rewrite a couple
melodies here and there. And overall we still have a rocking good time…

-I swear I’ve seen the downfall of the American civilization. We pulled
over to get some food, and the only thing open was McDonald’s. That’s
the first warning sign. Then when we went inside, and I was further
convinced. You remember when the playgrounds were the coolest things
ever? Well… The new playground has officially taken over, and it is
in the form of a video screen. You see, THIS McDonald’s had a VIDEO

-Instead of twisty slides and jungle gyms, there were
three Nintendo Gamecubes mounted into a wall of the fast food joint,
complete with disgustingly grubby controllers jutting out in primary
colors just underneath the monitors. I watched as kid after kid zoned
out with gaping mouths, staring up at the screens above them until their
parents wrenched them away from the games. One kid even yelled at his
mom until she left him in the restaurant alone to finish his game. He
was inside for another couple of minutes before he went outside to join
the rest of his family, who were waiting with the car running. As soon
as they get home, he’ll probably just turn on the same game and dork out
some more…

Love and vidiots,

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