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July 18, 2002 – Cleveland, Ohio

***Originally published as “J.Lynn’s Tour Diary” on Mad at Gravity’s Official Site.***

-The Agora Ballroom was great tonight. The room was really boomy, and
that made it pretty hard to hear clearly onstage, but that’s the price
you pay for awesome architecture from the early 1900s. The ballroom was
in the middle of a huge restoration process, so it’s nice to see that
the folks in Ohio care about the architecture, too. I took some time
and walked around the whole place from basement to rafters, and I’ve got
to say that I felt like a Californian yet again. There aren’t many
basements in California. There isn’t much structural brick, either.
Masonry doesn’t hold up so well in earthquakes. So I’m sure I looked
like a goofy tourist, walking around staring at everything with my mouth
open. But I want to take everything in. Especially in the places I’ve
never been before.

-I was excited when we met some cool people after the show. They were
from Parma, just outside of Cleveland. Since our next show is only as
far as Toledo tomorrow, we were actually able to hang out after we
played. That’s a rare occasion. It was great. We got food, and then
ended up at “The Spot,” a local practice space shared by a couple
different bands. Again, it was in the basement of a really cool
building. There were a bunch of people hanging out there while a local
band practiced. Just chilling and drinking beers. It was cool to get a
break from the travel monotony so we could hang out with some cool new people.

-Before the show, I was able to make my way across the street to the
Salvation Army thrift store. I found some cool stuff there, which I’m
excited to break in onstage (AFTER I wash it all, of course). Add the
hilarious gift I got from my new Parma people, and I’ve got one stylish
wardrobe going…

Love and junior cheerleader shirts,

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