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July 20, 2002 – Pecatonica, Illinois

***Originally published as “J.Lynn’s Tour Diary” on Mad at Gravity’s Official Site.***

-Did everyone see our boys in AudioVent last night? They performed “The
Energy” on the Late, Late Show with Craig Killborn, and they totally
rocked it. On four hours sleep or less! Craig kept pumping their
performance all throughout the show, hitting his little button that
plays soundbites of the song. It was great. And we went to great
lengths to make sure we were able to see it.

-We’d been back at our hotel, showering up before our all-night drive,
and we were glued to the TV watching Killborn. Everyone finished
cleaning up, and the schedule didn’t allow for any luxury time. We had
to get food and get on the road. So we pulled over to get some food at
a 24-hour restaurant on our way out of town, and cranked up the antenna
on our on-board TV. We saw that Craig was on his second guest, so we
went into the restaurant to get seated and place our order. Once all
that was accomplished, we left our tour manager at the table and ran
back out to the RV, just in time to see the boys rip through their song
nicely. Literally, they were just coming out of the commercial break
when we got back to the TV.

-After the performance, we went back inside to eat and then hit the
road. We drove all night, rolled out of the RV, and played our
half-hour set. There were some fans at the show who had painted their
entire car to promote their favorite bands on the tour. I was flattered
the Mad at Gravity took up about 75% of the car. They listed all of our
names and what we play in the band, had our logo in a bunch of different
places… The whole thing was covered! Tires, roof, back window…
They didn’t miss any surface. Now THAT’s dedication! We got lots of
polaroids of the car, which will hopefully make their way onto our web
site soon…

-Now we’re back in the RV on the way to the last show of the Locobazooca
tour tomorrow. The last show of the tour is always notorious for
pranks… I wonder what we’re gonna do… We’ve got water balloons, a
gorilla mask, and a speedo… That should be enough for a good time…

Love and hijinks,

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