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November 22, 2002 – Mad at Gravity Breakup, Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

November 22, 2002

-Rumors fly and pigs don’t, so I figured I needed to let you know what’s
been up with me. Despite many efforts to keep things together, I’m no
longer working with Mad at Gravity. This change has been a long time
coming, and maybe some could have predicted it… Regardless, I feel
relieved to be on my own again and working toward a constructive future.

-The long and short of it is that the rest of the guys in Mad at Gravity
wanted something different than what was me. As much as I have tried to
adapt and compromise to make the band situation one that everyone could
be happy with, in the end it wasn’t enough. We were put on some really
lame tours, and marketed in some pretty cheesy ways (I suppose that’s
unavoidable). We all ended up pretty miserable. At our lowest point,
after a show in Hartford, CT, the rest of the guys sat me down and threw
a lot of mud my way.

-They told me they were embarrassed by their own careers. They told me
that the band had ended up a mockery of what they had set out to do.
They said Mad at Gravity had turned into something they never wanted.
They even used the word nightmare at one point. I realized in the
middle of all of these complaints that they held me personally
responsible for everything they were unhappy about. I asked them if
they thought it was my fault. They told me yes. They told me I wasn’t
“dark” enough. Not mysterious enough. Too pop. Too accessible.
Because of that, most of our fans were seventeen-year-old girls, and not
the college guys they were hoping to reach. They said I am too
“flamboyant” when I perform because I jump around and swing the
microphone and take my shirt off if I get sweaty. Everything that they
said was wrong with the band were the things that I considered to be my
strongest assets. I’m a performer. Period.

-So after being blamed for all the band’s “problems,” I called our
manager to set up a meeting so we could figure out what to do. He came
out to our show in Boston, heard everyone’s complaints, and told the
band they were crazy. The four of them said they still weren’t happy,
and that something had to change. We decided to get through the tour
before we decided anything. Go home for a while. Relax. Get centered
again. Then decide where to go from there. Unfortunately, we never got
that time.

-The shows had been going better, and morale was starting to improve.
Or so I thought. In the meantime, management was getting too many calls
from people who needed to know what was up. If we were going to keep
things together and tour more, we needed to be booking the tours
already. If we were going to be promoting the next single, we needed to
be setting that up already. Anyway, four days before the tour was over,
we got a call from management telling us that we had to decide how we
were going to move forward. That night.

-So I walked into the meeting, sat down, and asked the guys if anyone’s
feelings had changed since the last time we talked. Nobody said
anything except for Jake’s head shaking a no. I asked what we do about
that situation. Jake basically told me that the band was willing to
stick out the promotion of the current record with me as the frontman.
They were willing to tour more, release more singles, and do whatever it
took to make Resonance a success. However, at the end of that
commitment, once this first record drew to a close and the time came to
start approaching the second album, the band decided they needed to find
someone they were “comfortable with” as a singer.

-So they basically told me that they were going to fire me after they
had used me up. But they still wanted me to stick out more tours, more
interviews, and more day-in-day-out in a crappy RV with no love from
them in the hopes that we would all make a few dollars if the record
took off. And even if it did take off, they still wanted to find a new
singer for the next record. They didn’t exactly put it like that, but
that was the message they put across. Lame. Anyway, I told them I’d
finish out the last four days of the tour, and then I was going to fly
home and let them find their new singer right away.

-So I’m back to the solo stuff that is my roots. I’m still signed to
ARTISTdirect individually, and they’re all acting amazingly cool about
the whole situation. They’re excited to hear what I do on my own, and
anxious to support me in my newly solo state. I’m so blessed. Things
are going to get ugly for a while as we figure out how to settle the Mad
at Gravity partnership thing legally and all. But when it all settles,
I know I’ll be in a much better spot. The Mad at Gravity men are going
to try to find a new singer and they hope to keep going, which is fine
with me. I still retain all my publishing rights to those songs, so the
more records they sell, the more money they make me.

-Anyway, I flew back to LA on Sunday. I’ve been bogged down with phone
calls to lawyers, label people, new management candidates, and a web
crew to get JLynnJohnston.com up and running. I pretty much spent all
day at the ARTISTdirect offices today, trying to get a feel for what
happens next. Things are going to be great. I’m getting a ton of
support from the people at the label. They’re as excited about my
burgeoning solo career as they can be under the circumstances
(circumstances being that the band they sunk well over a million bucks
into just split up). Things will be worked out, and I will have a great
time making music again. Tendonitis is a distant memory. I have all
sorts of new musical ideas that I’m chomping at the bit to explore. I
played guitar for about an hour today on my own, and it felt better and
more fresh than it has felt in almost a year. I’m excited and I’m

-In the midst of the chaos, it’s good to hear from friends. Shout me a

Love and rock revivals,
=j.lynn johnston
Solo Artist

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Ten Things I’ve Found in Cheap Motel Rooms

(While on tour with Mad at Gravity)

10. Pink super-bouncy ball
9. Stuart Little Airplane toy
8. 2 Green Army men (Bazookas)
7. 1 Green Army man (Rifle, 1,000 miles away from the first two)
6. AT&T Phone card (60 Minutes, 37 left)
5. White wife beater , Fruit of the Loom, size XL
4. Dirty children’s sock in an unmade pullout
3. Tortoise-shell mens pocket comb
2. 1 Tan Army man (grenade thrower… It this a conspiracy?)
1. Small Burgundy Prescription Pill

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