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Stupid People…

So… Why is it that the stupidest people in the world always argue the loudest? Especially when it comes to matters of their own intelligence? Here are a couple examples…

1. The guy who sleeps through class and fails every exam in college argues loudly that grades are no indication of how intelligent someone is… Somehow, he’s the same guy who is always bumming rides because his car got towed, etc. Riiight, guy. It’s all just coincidence… And no, I won’t give you the notes from yesterday’s class…

2. The girl making a rediculous scene at a restaurant (because SHE ordered the wrong thing) tells the manager that he can’t win an argument just by fooling her with big words. “She’s too smart for that.” Uh huh… And how intelligent will you feel when you’re eating your waiter’s saliva later on?

3. The chick chewing gum and twisting her hair around her acrylic fingernails, talking about so-and-so’s boob job and whatshisname’s new Navigator, tells her circle of identical friends that her new Sociology professor needs to get his ass kicked because, “He thinks he’s so much smarter than us.” Yup. You’re right. Ass-whooping is a bankable career skill. Go with that. See you at the top!

It never fails. The most simple-minded people are the ones who find it necessary to bitch and moan about how smart they really are. I’m sure everyone’s got examples of their own here…

The people I find the wisest are the ones who would readily claim ignorance. It’s the perspective that one can learn from any situation they may find themselves in that sets the true intellectuals apart from the mindless masses. The beginning of wisdom is realizing just how ignorant you really are. I think we all have a lot to learn.

Love and the pursuit of knowledge,

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