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I love my life! You should too…


-I’m on the worst schedule EVER. It’s almost 6 AM, and I’m just now thinking about crashing for the night. My mind races so furiously that it’s next to impossible for me to mellow out and sleep until I’ve tackled everything my brain has bouncing around inside.

-Right now I’m going over ideas for the Popeye movie score/soundtrack. It’s rediculous the amount of time that can slip by when you’re messing with ideas in the studio. Whoops. There went six hours! No wonder I’m so hungry…

-I need to get a huge glowing digital clock for in my studio. One that glows red so brightly that you can’t help but be annoyed by it. That way I won’t be able to forget the time and become a hermit until well after sunrise.

-Actually… It’s probably better without the clock. There’s something to be said for just letting your mind do its thing and run its course without distraction… Now if I could just get my roommates to stop giving me such a hard time about waking up at 2PM, I’d be all set…

Love and nocturnal lifestyles,

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