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Chicken Fried Rice

-Chicken fried rice is really good. It’s so good that it’s actually all I’ve eaten for the past three days. I’m sure I’ll get sick of it eventually, but for now I’m still loving it. A big part of that is probably because it’s FREE.

-My roommate Tom moved to Oregon on Friday. And Thursday night, we had a farewell party for him at our loft. Lots of people brought food. So much food that all the food that had been prepared for the party just kinda sat there. So since the Thursday night party, we’ve had enough chicken fried rice left over to feed the entire nation of Somalia.

-Instead of shipping it to Somalia (it would surely go bad on the ship over), I’ve decided to put the chicken fried rice towards another worthy cause… The starving musician’s studio hunger relief effort. Yeah. I’m eating it. All of it. Meal after meal. Fantastic.

Love and leftovers,


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