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Leaks and Floods

-First off, let me just say that it’s raining in Los Angeles harder than I’ve seen in a long time. OK. Now that we’re clear on that… On with the story…

-I was working in the studio last night… Laying down some vocals. When you record vocals, you tend to drink a lot of water to keep the ol’ pipes glistening… When you drink a lot of water, you tend to have to piss a lot. So yeah… I was taking bathroom breaks about every hour. On a trip to the bathroom at about 2am, I noticed that the doorknob in the bathroom was wet. That’s enough to make ANYONE nervous.

-I looked around the room, and saw puddles on the floor, extending out from the brick wall. I followed the trail upwards, and saw that water was leaking THROUGH the walls like a faucet! It was a constant drip along the ENTIRE length of the loft, spewing out the top of the window frames. Apparently the brick wasn’t weather-sealed properly. And it’s storming like the apocalypse outside…

-So at three in the morning, my roommate and I were scrambling to get everything away from the walls and onto dry ground. Pictures and artwork had to come down, stereos and the loft PA system had to be relocated, couches were shoved to the center… It was drama.

-By the time I got back into the studio, IT WAS FLOODING TOO! There are additional internal walls and a false ceiling with soundproofing on them, and water was dripping down through the cracks. I had to move all my guitars and instruments out so they wouldn’t get damaged, and then I had to unplug all the electronic equipment (computer, synth, mixer) so that they wouldn’t get fried if the water in the walls shorted out the electrical outlets. Gahhh…

-We’ve made a couple well-worded phone calls to the owner of our building. Ironically enough, he runs a business that does “environmental restoration.” Basically that means they clean up after floods and fires and other natural disasters… They get mold out of the walls and restore buildings to their proper condition… You’d think the guy would be a bit more on top of things in HIS OWN place! Whatever…

-I just hate not being able to use my stuff. I want to get things done for you to hear!!! Stay tuned. My life is a soap opera…

Love and daytime television (at 2 am),

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