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Ronald Reagan, Jr.

-Some political families, like say the Kennedys, have a long-established social history of prestige, handed down from generation to generation… I guess not all former first families can be as fortunate…

-It’s late at night… Insomnia as usual… I’m flipping channels trying to find the most boring show that isn’t an infomercial, and praying it will put me to sleep… Then what do I stumble upon? Animal Planet’s “Dog Show.” You guessed it. It was a televised pooch parade. I’m a bit of a dog dork myself (I have a Great Dane now, and I grew up with Boxers), so I stopped flipping for a bit.

-The first thing I was thinking was, “Wow. Those toy breeds are really pointless… Why don’t you just buy a pet rat?” The second thing I thought was, “Wait… That correspondant on the floor of the ring looks kinda familiar.” It was a very vague familiarity, not like the “I-think-that-guy-used-to-babysit-me” type of recognition… I just felt like I’d seen him in the news somewhere before.

-Then it all congealed in my head… The dude spitting stats about Shihtzus was RONALD REAGAN, JR!!! Son of Mr. Trickle-Down Economics himself… Just then, the main host of the program took over again and confirmed it all with a “thanks Ron.”

-All I can say is wow… I guess his “pedigree” didn’t pay off in the most glamourous of ways… Not that I’m knocking the guy… After all, *I* was watching! But if you look at the comparisons… Well… I guess they all either died young or ended up in rehab centers named after their mothers…

-So hey… Kudos to Ronald Reagan, Jr. for sticking with an honest living “below the radar.” Even if he does have to watch where he steps at work!

Love and pooper scoopers,

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