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-Back before I recorded “The Irony of Absence Felt,” I was in a band called HyperCell… Great band, I guess, but it all kinda fizzled when people decided to finish school instead (actually that was just me)… So I moved down to LA and started playing with a friend of mine named Kevin. I’d played with him before in another band… Basically the same thing had just happened with his recent band as had happened with HyperCell. Both our former bands had played together on the same bill before, and I’d known the guy forever… Blah blah blah… You get the picture…

-Kevin was an LA veteran, and kinda took me under his wing in terms of showing me the not-so-cheesy spots in town… AND he was an amazing musician. So all seemed right for a musical comraderie… There was much talk of us putting a project together…

-One problem… Kevin had this one friend from film school who was CONSTANTLY hounding him about playing together. He lived WAY FAR away, and Kevin didn’t really want to deal with him in a band… But I agreed to go down to this guy’s house with guitars in-hand and at least give him a shot. He was this Asian dude named Kuang. He worked as an editor at Fox…

-Bottom line… He was a nice guy, but it just wasn’t right. He wanted to do this Beatles-meets-Punk-pop thing which I just wasn’t into… Anyway, I guess Kevin played him some of my old HyperCell stuff, and Kuang said he didn’t really dig it. Fair enough. It’s mutual. Best of luck to you, and we’ll see you around…

-Flash forward to about an hour ago… A few years and a couple musical endeavors later… I got a copy of the free Coachella Film Fest DVD… Thought I’d throw it in and check out how crappy most indie short films are these days… Seeing as I’m currently writing the music for one… So I’m checking out the menu… And there’s a “Short Film” titled “Drumsticks and Glowsticks,” apparently about two girls who find themselves at an underground rock show instead of the rave they were looking for. Sounds fun enough. It also says it’s directed by Kuang Lee.

-So I start thinking… “Hmm… I wonder if that’s the same Kuang that Kevin and I played with a couple times…” I knew he had worked as an editor in the TV & film industry… Anyway, I start the 4-minute film, and within a few seconds there’s a band playing in a cheesy club scene. Lo and behold… Right there on vocals and guitar… KUANG! Sure enough it was him…

-I was grinning and thinking how funny it was when I realized that this “Short Film” was really a homespun MUSIC VIDEO for his band that he’d submitted to the film fest for exposure!

-The thing ends. The credits roll. Directed by Kuang. Edited by Kuang. Music & Lyrics by Kuang. Song performed by HyperCycle. WHAT? HYPER*CYCLE*??? This guy who knew me back when I was in a band called HyperCell is now in a band called HyperCYCLE!

-And that, my friends… Is why entertainment sucks right now. Cheesy music videos masquerading as “Film.” Shady little men shoplifting band names from each other. And don’t forget Punk-pop. Don’t even get me started on Punk-pop!

-I guess imitation IS the best form of flattery… So like I said before… Kuang… Best of luck to you, and we’ll see you around…

Love and imitation cheese,

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