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-I took a trip to clear my head early this week. Drove up to my parents’ house with my dog to get away for a bit. They were out of town, so I had the old home to myself (and Benatar). Lemme tell you… There’s something comforting about going back to my old room. But at the same time, there’s something REALLY unsettleing about it. Makes you feel like a kid again. Especially when your mother has redecorated and turned it into her “crafts” room…

-It’s odd seeing your Radiohead posters replaced my Mary Engelbreit sunflower prints… A row of guitar cases used to be in the corner… Now it’s a Kenmore sewing machine there… Scrapbooking supplies and boxes of cutesy stickers are on the desk I used to keep my recording gear… And then there’s the HUGE YELLOW comforter on the bed with purple flowers all over it…

-I will admit that the room smells better now, though. Funny how removing the dirty socks from a room can freshen it right up… And I’m sure it gets vacuumed regularly now, as well. Ahh, well… The point was to get AWAY from my distractions and breathe some fresh air. It’s good for the thoughts. And the respiratory system…

Love and clear passages,

June 30, 2004 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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