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Pink Scarves and Green Beer.

-One time on St. Patrick’s Day, I drank a little too much green beer when I was out with my friends. We were stopped at a stoplight on the way home, and I looked over to see a shop still open at 2:30AM. It was called “Circus of Books.” I remember drunkenly thinking, “That’s the most absurd name for a bookstore I’ve ever seen!” So I jumped out of the car at the intersection and ran into the store.

-I got inside the store and realized that something was off. Maybe it was the dude behind the counter all dressed up like Erroll Flynn with a pink scarf. Maybe it was the fact that there were no books to be found (only magazines and videos). Maybe it was the wall display of 18″ colored dildos… I realized I had stepped into a porn shop, and started giggling uncontrollably while clapping my hands. The whole thing was just SO surreal. I’m sure I looked like a handicapped eight year old with whiskers at that moment. But whatever. That other dude looked like Erroll Flynn with a pink scarf!

-Just then one of my friends caught up to me and started dragging me out of the store by the collar of my jacket. Just as we got to the front door, Mr. Flynn called out, “Come back soon, Romeo!” The only reply I could muster at the time was to yell, “You work in a porn shop!” And by then I was pretty much already back in the car.

-Oh, well. You can’t wow ’em every time…

Love and Flynn funnymen,


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