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Taco Hypocrite

I was talking to my friend Jocelyn online. She was at work. I was making her unproductive and monopolizing her attention. I’m selfish like that. But I digress. There was a lull in the conversation, and Jocelyn says, “I’m going to make a run for the border.”

-Mind you, I’m not the biggest fan of fast-food. And I know she isn’t normally that keen on it, either. So I kind of made a fuss. “What? TACO BELL? I mean… I’m a fan of Mexican food, but Taco Bell is just foul!” Etc. Etc.

-She explained to me that her co-worker was going there on lunch break, and she was merely tagging along for the ride. So I forgave her for her lack of dietary decency, and told her to have a good break.

-No sooner had I finished my anti-Bell diatribe when my father walked into the room. “I’m going to run to Taco Bell. Wanna come with me?” he asked innocently.

-I CRACKED UP laughing. I couldn’t believe the perfect timing. Without hesitation, I firmly replied, “Of COURSE!” The beautiful hypocrisy of it all was just too perfect to pass up.

-I got a Chicken Grilled Stuffed Burrito, a Double Decker Taco, Nachos, and a large Pepsi. I confessed to Jocelyn when I got back. Jocelyn confessed to me that she’d eaten a bean burrito and a Pepsi. We both laughed our asses off. Which took a little longer than it normally would have, considering all the crap calories that had recently made their home there…

Love and duality,

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