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-So after years of dealing with all sorts of recurring health problems with my throat and sinuses, I’m finally biting the bullet and doing something about it. As of 6am, I’m going under the knife for some serious surgeries that will help me stay much healthier in the long run.

-I’m getting my tonsils removed, since they’re always the first point of infection with me. Since I was a kid, I’ve ended up getting Strep Throat or Tonsillitis or some other form of throat infection about every two or three months. It makes it hard to maintain a reliable professionalism with my music when I can’t seem to keep myself healthy enough to perform at 100%. Not to mention the fact that it’s just plain NOT GOOD for a person to go on antibiotics that often.

-I’m also getting some nose and sinus problems fixed at the same time. I broke the septum in my nose when I was a kid, and it never got set right (Summer camp. Ultimate Frizbee game. Stupid camp nurse…). I also have some issues with my “Turbinates,” which are basically sinus folds which help humidify the air you breathe in through your nose.

-The way it stands, the right side of my nose is completely blocked by my broken septum. No air through there. The left side of my nose is blocked by my swollen turbinates. No air there, either. So I must ALWAYS breathe through my mouth. Sleeping, waking, all the time. Which sends all the germs and allergens and junk straight to my huge, infectious tonsils. The bad stuff nestles in nicely and easily, and saps my immune system within minutes.

-So no more of that.

-Since recovering from any one of these procedures is pretty much absolute MISERY for a couple weeks, I’ve elected to do them ALL AT ONCE! Because I’m a glutton for punishment? Maybe. But moreso because I see it like this: I’m going to be miserable either way. I may as well combine my misery time and get it all over with at once.

-But I probably won’t have a voice for a while. That will frustrate me. And when it comes back, I’m praying it’s not some weird “Kermit the Frog” altered version of what it was before. But that’s not really that likely, I guess. Just a silly little nagging fear. Also, I’ll be on a liquid diet until all is healed, too. I’ll probably waste away to about 34 pounds before I can eat real food again…

-So yeah… It’ll be a while before I’m back to full capacity. But I’m hoping that once all is healed, “Full capacity” will be better than before. You with me? GOOD!

-Wish me luck!

Love and Vicodin,

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