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Once Upon A Time…

-I was 11 years old. On vacation with my grandparents, while strolling down Pier 39 in San Francisco, my family spotted one of those tourist trap “SUPERSTAR RECORDING” booths that used to be so popular pre-Karaoke craze… They used to have them at every major theme park known to man… I think Disneyland converted theirs to a video lip-synch booth though…

-Anyhow… I couldn’t resist. What eleven-year-old can? So I paid my meager money and laid down some fat tracks, yo. A superbly piercing rendition of Richard Marx’s “Right Here Waiting.” Probably hoping to seduce some 13 year old girl with the tape (I’ve always liked older women)…

-I recently moved, and I came across the old cassette while packing things up. I real quick-like made an mp3 of it before packing it up again for posterity. Seeing as this H’s Between Vowels thing Jose and I have been doing is a cover band… We thought we’d post it over there for you all to enjoy. Or laugh at. Hopefully both. Soo…


-And Laugh!

Click here to hear it!

Love and pre-pubescent warblings,

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