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Happy Holidays from 3-Year-Old J.Lynn Johnston!

To help us all celebrate, I dug into some old photo albums…

-Here is a Christmas picture of my older sister and me from back when I was three years old. We were at my grandma’s house.

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-I hope your holidays are as happy as mine have always been… And boy, do I mean HAPPY!

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Love and gripping holiday photos,

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Low Lighting Looks GREAT On Me!

Everybody watch this.

-Then tell me how flippin’ goofy I look when I sing. Pained expressions in a silly pop song? You’d think I was getting my back waxed, or something…

Love and fantastic cover choices,

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I Totally Validated My Manhood Today.

My car took a dump.

-I had to buy a new battery. I replaced it myself. Because I do that stuff. Because I am a MAN. I have a full beard and plenty of chest hair.

-I got a jump, drove to the (corporate chain) auto parts store while Ali waited with the car running in the parking lot (best boss EVER). I got the battery and a couple new bulbs, and went back to my house to dissect my front end.

-They bury batteries now. Not sure if you’ve experienced this, but I had to take off all sorts of cowling and weather stripping to even get TO the dud battery… I finally got the new one into the car, and IT WAS THE WRONG SIZE! I growled in a very low baritone (manly).

-Back to aforementioned corporate auto parts store… This time in the passenger seat with TWO batteries in the trunk (STILL the best boss EVER). Batteries are heavy. I’ll have bigger biceps tomorrow.

-We matched the size of the battery I actually needed (screw said corporate auto parts store’s battery matcher catalog). Apparently the extra inch of length costs an extra $60. But whatever. We got the right one this trip. Dirty hands and measuring tapes get the job done. TESTOSTERONE!

-I also fixed a couple other random odds ‘n ends while I had the hood open. It felt good to roll around on my garage floor getting my hands dirty. There’s definitely therapy in it somehow. I am handy. And I am manly. Today I reinforced that fact for myself.

-SO MANLY, in fact, that I can no longer fit into a size 8. =/

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Love and holiday pounds,

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