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Happy New Year! Here are MY Resolutions…

Happy New Year everyone!

-And Happy Birthday to my sister!

-In light of these annual events, I’ve made two key resolutions… I thought I would share them with you. Because you deserve to know the truth…


I am going to shave this damned beard.

Yes, it’s a very red beard. Yes, my hair is very dark brown. I’m Scottish. Other than that, I can’t explain it. So I’m getting a little tired of talking about it… Unless you’re my grandmother. If you are, in fact, my grandmother… Then I’m happy to have the same conversation about the color my facial hair at least five times a day. Because you’re my grandmother, and you gave birth to the woman who gave birth to me. Love you, grandma! (She’s SO not on MySpace). But none of you are my grandmother… So I’m shavin’ it!

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I’m going to get my dog to stop barking at the neighbors.

This resolution may prove much more difficult to achieve. She’s a good dog. Loves people. Great with kids. But you’d never know it by how much she barks thunderously throughout the neighborhood when I leave the house… So in the interest of keeping up neighborly relations, her lingering bad habit must be broken! I am dedicated. I will complete my mission to silence this beast:

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I plan to use these exact tools to accomplish my goals in 2007…

Resolution ..1

Resolution ..2

To VICTORY in 2007!!!

Love and stout resolution,

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