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Livin’ On A Prayer!

So there I was…

-Sunday night. I’d just finished my set at the Viper Room, and the sound guy was nowhere to be found… An uneasy silence settled in on the room. No background music elicited from the house sound system… Just a few nervous coughs and quiet comments exchanged (after the THUNDEROUS applause died down, of course)… I knew I had to act, and FAST!

-With Lindsey Cook and her band waiting to take the stage, I knew I couldn’t just keep playing my own songs until the sound man got back… We needed something more mobile. Less formal. More collaborative…

-Thankfully, I spotted my good friend Loren, of Teaneck fame. Loren is a Jersey boy with a soft spot for representin’ his home state. There was only one thing to do…

-I tossed Loren my trusty Martin acoustic and told him to launch into a little Bon Jovi. Unplugged. While I wrapped my cables up and Lindsey’s band were setting up, we led the crowd in a campfire sing-a-long of epic proportions.

-The footage is dark, but the feeling was oh-so-bright… Consider yourselves officially bummed to have missed it…

Bon Jovi Sing-a-Long (Viper Room 5-6-07)

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Love and high notes,

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