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The Labor of the Day.

Los Angeles heat is putting the Labor into my Labor Day…

-It’s currently 100 degrees INSIDE my rat-infested house. It’s too hot to move, let alone cook anything, so I am existing on a diet of refrigerator water (Pür Pitcher) and Otter Pops left over from Ali’s birthday (15 calories each).

-Answers.com says that the U.S. and Canada have observe this holiday “in honor of working people.” So it’s kinda like saying, “Hooray, we have jobs! Let’s not go to them today!”

-Although, if I were at work… I’d be sitting in A/C right now… A cool 74 degrees, probably. AND, since I *DO* have a job… I can afford to move into a nice new apartment with central A/C as of the 15th.

-I guess there’s something to celebrate after all!

Love and perspiration,

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