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San Francisco Police Officer Abuses Power With Skateboarder Zach Stow

Public servant? SFPD Officer Schwab (Badge #2099), you ARE a dick.

-It’s actually only “illegal” to skateboard in the STREET and in business districts in San Francisco. Daytime skating on residential sidewalks is perfectly legal. And even the street/after dark violation is only against TRAFFIC code (section 100).

-So this is kinda like an officer making fun of you after pulling you over for speeding (“Anyone have any Excedrin? Your boy looks like he has a headache,” etc…) then kicking you into the squad car after threatening to break your arm because you verbally stood up for yourself.

-THIS is why people call cops “pigs,” folks.

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Tooth Flossing Realization

Wash your hands, kids…

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Boxer Dog Fight!

Jus’ playin’… I’m no Michael Vick!

-This is what happens after dinner at my sister’s house. Everyone lays around and I wear the dog out for them. I’m a good brother/puppyuncle.

-Even my nephew joins in at the end!

Love and Dog Houses,

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