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Some Days Just Feel Like This…

Slow Day

Slow day in San Diego after saying reluctant goodbyes to Winston Audio.


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A "Friendly" Wake-Up…

I love it when my touring friends are in town and I get to hang out and harass them. I’m not sure they agree.

Poor Jackson was jet-lagged and tired, so he cut out early in favor of hotel sleep. I made sure to let him know when the night REALLY ended.

He was a good sport.

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I Will Burn In Hell For This.

***NSFW warning!!!***

(No nudities or anything, but it’s DISCUSSED rather frankly…)

While drinking Pinot Noir and watching WineLibraryTV, mysterious delivery tested my moral fiber.

As my actions (and tinted teeth) bear witness to, my moral fiber failed. The Pinot won.

And it’s kinda funny.

This is a long one, folks. Enjoy the journey!

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"Close Your Eyes" – Acoustic Stairwell Cover

I have a guitar stashed at the office so I can keep my sanity on the long nights waiting for file transfers & software install geekery. When I know the building is deserted, I like to sit in the stairwell and play. Those reverby-echo-tastic acoustics will make anyone sound like a pro.

This song is one of my favorites. I wish I could say it was one of mine. It’s called “Close Your Eyes,” originally performed by a band from Georgia called “Jump, Little Children.” It’s on their first album “Magazine,” if you feel like searching it out.

For the guitar geeks, that’s a beat up old 1965 Guild Mark IV nylon-string. I had a close friend paint it for me years and years ago.

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Hilarious Benatar Cone Head!

“I should plug her tail into my TV… I’d probably get EVERY channel in the WORLD!”

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Grillz Candy Madness!!!

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Benatar’s Pit Bull Attack!

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Ut Ohh… J.Lynn Got Camera With VIDEO!!!

The world will never be safe again…

Love and moving PICTURES,

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