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Slow Day

Slow day in San Diego after saying reluctant goodbyes to Winston Audio.


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"Close Your Eyes" – Acoustic Stairwell Cover

I have a guitar stashed at the office so I can keep my sanity on the long nights waiting for file transfers & software install geekery. When I know the building is deserted, I like to sit in the stairwell and play. Those reverby-echo-tastic acoustics will make anyone sound like a pro.

This song is one of my favorites. I wish I could say it was one of mine. It’s called “Close Your Eyes,” originally performed by a band from Georgia called “Jump, Little Children.” It’s on their first album “Magazine,” if you feel like searching it out.

For the guitar geeks, that’s a beat up old 1965 Guild Mark IV nylon-string. I had a close friend paint it for me years and years ago.

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