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UStream Live Broadcaster App Review – Local Recording to iPhone 3G


-Those of us yet to upgrade to the iPhone 3Gs may have just gotten a free little stop-gap in terms of adding video capability to the regular ol’ iPhone 3G. UStream today released their “UStream Live Broadcaster” app via the iTunes app store! It’s FREE, and it has built-in functionality for streaming video live from your iPhone over the internet (via a UStream.tv account, naturally). You can also record video locally to the iPhone without broadcasting it, and choose later whether you want to upload the captured video to YouTube and a couple other video hosts.

-The record quality isn’t great… About on par with a live webcam feed over the interwebz. But for a free app, it’s pretty appealing to a spontaneous blog-ranter like myself…

-Clicky that linky and play with it for yourself! After all, it’s FREE!

Love and screen tests,

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