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July 19, 2002 – Toledo, Ohio and Carrying Cars

***Originally published as “J.Lynn’s Tour Diary” on Mad at Gravity’s Official Site.***

-We played at the Hard Hat Café tonight, which isn’t as much a café as
it is a warehouse with a liquor license. There were lots of kids packed
in there, and they were really responsive to our set. That always helps
the morale during the show! But the sound system was HORRIBLE! Every
band had a ton of problems onstage, from shorted out microphone cables
to awful monitor mixes, it was tough to get into the groove of what was
going on. It’s really distracting, and it steals all your momentum when
you have to stop between songs to try to remedy some of the technical
difficulties. The kids didn’t seem to mind all that much, though.
Their energy was boiling over. We just ended up having to work harder
to keep our own up.

-We have an overnight drive now, to Pecatonica, Illinois. It’s the
worst when we play a show at night on our off day, and then have another
Locobazooka show the next day. By the time we get loaded out of the
club and settle with the promoter, it’s usually close to midnight. Then
we still have an eight hour drive ahead of us so we can load in at nine
the next morning for the Locobazooka set. That only leaves an hour or
two that haven’t been spoken for. So we try to sleep as much as
possible during the drive. And we try to leave the club as early as
possible, unless otherwise held over.

-We almost got held over tonight when we got blocked into the parking
lot at the Hard Hat. All we needed was about a foot and a half of
clearance between our RV and the Geo Metro that was blocking us in. We
sat back in frustration, ready to wait it out until the owner of the car
came to move it. Then we realized how tiny of a car a Geo Metro is.
And how light it is, too. Almost at the same time, about three of us
started betting that we could pick the car up and move it out of the
way. We had eight guys of larger than average size… And we all love
a challenge. So we piled out of the RV with determination on our faces.

-Two minutes later, we were on our way. It only took five of us to move
the car over about two feet. And two feet was all we needed to be able
to clear the little piece of tin and sail out onto the highway. We
caused quite a spectacle in the parking lot, though. Imagine going to
see some bands play a little rock and roll, and on your way out of the
venue you see one of the acts all huddled around a car, grunting and
sweating it away from the front of their RV. I took a great polaroid of
all of us right before we manhandled the tiny auto. Ahh, the adventures
we have!

Love and tiny imports,

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