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AwesomeDubs, originally uploaded by nerdboxpilot.

Hey kiddos,

-I was fortunate enough to snap this glorious bit of photographic irony shortly before eating a bacon cheeseburger with egg at an IHOP in San Diego. Mind you, I’m no auto show fixture (I drive a 2001 Passat station wagon), but even a cheesy white guy like me can enjoy this delicious little slice of life… Lets dissect the elements at work here, shall we?

-The DUB sticker. For those of you not familiar with DUB Magazine, it’s a publication dedicated to awesome cars with even MORE awesome wheels. Call them rims, shoes, or a whole laundry list of other names for wheels that people far more “urban” than I thought up. But most importantly, call them “DUBs.” It’s what they named the damned magazine after…

-Take a second… That’s the spare tire, folks. And not even a full-size spare. A do-not-exceed-50 DONUT spare. And it’s been on the car long enough to have dirtied, worn, and gone FLAT. Seriously. Click the pic and view it full-size on Flickr. Them pixels don’t lie.

-To top it off, this sticker/spare combo is on a bone-stock VW Golf. Fair enough. It’s not like I’ve modified or performance-tuned MY portion of Fahrvergnügen, but does one really have to publicly wallow in the fact that they haven’t even come CLOSE to hitting their mark? This is like the morbidly obese mother from “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” wearing a barbecue sauce stained tent-of-a-t-shirt emblazoned with the solitary word,

-Unless this was done intentionally. In which case, male or female, I want to marry the owner of this car. I love my life.

Love and irony,

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I Totally Got An iPhone. The “i” Stands For “Insomnia.”

-Yep. I’m on board. In the cult. Part of the family.

-In fact, I’m blogging via the just-released WordPress app FROM said magical handset right now. Clickitty click typing with my thumb. While I lay on my right side. In BED!

-Insomnia sucks.

-Technology is awesome where actual sleep fails…

Love and touch screens,

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MeToday July 11th, 2008 – I Love Burritos and Greg Laswell


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J.Lynn Johnston’s First [AX](e?) Expo

I tagged along with my buddy .ed (Dot Ed) to the 2008 Anime Expo [AX] at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Saturday.

My OTHER buddy Will found us walking around the hallway and threw his camera in my face for this impromptu interview. This is reposted from his Viddler stream.

Wear your deodorant, kids…

Love and locker room smells,

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I Got Ed’s Nerd Stick!

Every boy has a dream.

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MeToday July 4st – Happiest Card Puppies.

I still love my friends.

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MeToday July 4rd, 2008 – hand job

I love my friends.

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MeToday July 2nd, 2008 – Desk Items

Ed likes to hijack my webcam when I’m not at home…

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