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MeToday April 30th, 2008 – Paid Off My Car (Bedhead Celebration)

I just woke up. I have bedhead. I’m not naked (sorry ladies). I paid off my car.

Now it needs new calipers and rotors. Ah, well. Ya can’t have everything…

Anyway, this is my celebration upon waking up to my vehicle title being delivered via the good ol’ USPS…

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Things That Are On My Ottoman Right Now.

One 1998 Gibson Les Paul Standard Guitar. Wine Red w/Gold Hardware.
One Jim Dunlop guitar pick. Textured Nylon. 1mm. Black.
One 1984 “Los Angeles County Jail” Tank Top. Yellow. Mesh-ish.
One Jeff Buckley Book.
One DVD Case: “True Romance.”
One XBox DVD Remote: See above.
One Issue of “Wired” Magazine. “Get Smarter” cover article.
One Brown Vans brand Slip-on shoe. Purple pinstripe. Size 12.

Love and lists,

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SadCoachellaTree, originally uploaded by nerdboxpilot.

Aww, is the desert party over already?

Love and hung-over flora,

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Hilarious Benatar Cone Head!

“I should plug her tail into my TV… I’d probably get EVERY channel in the WORLD!”

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